The Real Light Challenge

Light shapes life - how is it shaping yours?

A few years ago, I started to read about the powerful effects of light on life. Everyone today is worried about fake food. If e = mc^2, then light = food. If fake food is a problem, then so is fake light.

I created this challenge to show people how powerfully light shapes life, and how bad fake light is for life. This blog post is just the first few pages of a much larger ebook, which you can download here.

What is real light? We are optimized for sunlight, which contains 42% infrared and a large proportion of red light. Modern LED and fluorescent lights are deficient in these wavelengths. And these wavelengths are critical for life.

Red and infrared light improve energy generation in our mitochondria, assisting in wound healing and resistance to disease. Thus, red and infrared lights are being used in everything from sports medicine to traumatic brain injury to stroke.

Modern lighting has eliminated red and infrared light to save money and...

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Hibernation, Sleep, and the Arctic Winter

The last blog post discussed how the Arctic winter creates the perfect circumstances for polar bears to repair their metabolic machinery. Read it before you read this blog post.

To understand how polar bears fall apart each year, only to put themselves back together again while they sleep, you have to understand hibernation. Debate in fact continues as to whether or not polar bears are “true” hibernators, for reasons that are academic. Polar bears go to sleep for weeks, or even months, at a time in the darkness of the Arctic winter. Pregnant females fast during the winter for longer than any other mammal on earth.

Hibernation refers to a period of rest that is remarkably similar to sleep. When bears hibernate, they do not wake up feeling “hungry.” They do not feel hungry before resting either. They keep warm by burning fat for heat in the mitochondria of their brown fat. They also produce all of the water that they need with this process. During hibernation,...

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