Cold and the Magic of Metabolic Water

We go to great lengths to escape the cold. We insulate our houses with space-age technology, we have remote starters for our cars, we have seat warmers, cup warmers, and even disposable hand warmers. And with good reason. The cold can kill in a matter of hours. We cannot easily create heat in the dark, cold winters that descend upon so much of planet earth, and yet we cannot all live in the tropics, where it is pleasantly warm year-round.

The temperature of the earth is determined by the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface. During the Arctic winter, the north pole tilts away from the sun. The day is short and sunlight must traverse more and more of the earth’s atmosphere in order to reach the earth’s surface. This scatters light away. The cold temperatures also coincide with storms and cloudy weather, which reflect more light back to space. The result is the incredible cold of the Arctic winter.

The cold can kill in a matter of hours, which is why...

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