What Is Polar Bear Fitness?

fitness health polar bears Oct 18, 2019


“Live like a polar bear.” - Jack Kruse, MD, DMD

I became a doctor to help people be healthy. What I found instead was that the modern healthcare industry is oriented around keeping alive. We have “sick care,” not “healthcare.”

I started to question the system I was forced to work within. I had always been fascinated by nature, and how animals, without medicine or doctors, managed to stay well. How could they do what we struggled so hard to achieve?

I was particularly puzzled by their success in light of my own failures. Many of my patients struggled to get better, even when they did do the “right things.” They ate perfectly, and yet struggled to feel and be well. I have personally tried just about every fad diet that I have come across, mostly out of curiosity, and sometimes out of a desire to improve my own performance, longevity, or to treat my own illnesses. Yet, despite my hard work, things still weren't right. I couldn’t sleep well. My mind raced. I had severe mood swings.

Then I ran into Dr. Jack Kruse, who told me to, “live like a polar bear.” After a few months of reading papers on bear biology, suddenly patterns I had been seeing for years started to make sense. I changed my lifestyle and my diet and got results I had always hoped for, but never realized. I recommended these changes to my friends and family, and they saw the same success.

What did I learn from the polar bears about how to stay healthy?

I call it, “polar bear fitness.”

We have a lot to learn from our close cousins, the bears. Like us, they are large, omnivorous mammals. They love to swim, hunt, fish, play, and even fight. They like to stay up late and overeat, but they can only do this during the long days of summer. Unlike us, they lack opposable thumbs or over-sized brains. They live the way they always have.

We, on the other hand, have innovated our way out of every one of nature’s stresses, from the cold of winter to the heat of summer. Coincidentally, we have developed epidemics of disease that we do not see in bears, or other wild animals. We eat and stay up late, but we can now afford to do this year-round.

This is why polar bears are just as healthy today as they have always been. Humans, on the other hand, are falling apart. We have created an endless summer - a world of fake light and fake food, where the party never stops.

Everyone today is focused on diet and “lifestyle.” Nature pays attention to the smallest scales of energy and matter. If e = mc^2, then light = food.

Polar bears pay close attention to light and to food, because the availability of food depends upon the strength of sunlight - in other words, the season. Polar bears enjoy a summer of just a few months. We have created an endless summer and it has created epidemics of disease.

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